Student Fusion

Young people impacting the world for Jesus Christ
Each Student Fusion team takes students just like you, puts them through a week of intense training, and then launches them out to a foreign country. It’s just you and your team, put there with the awesome task of sharing Christ. Sharing Christ with people who probably can’t go to the type of church you can. Can’t flip past nineteen Christian stations on the radio like you can. These people are lost, and nothing’s going to change that until someone like you does something about it. Student Fusion is your chance to truly impact your world. What are you going to do about it?

Cross Cultural Internships

Immerse yourself serving the Lord in another culture.
Each year, we sort through the applicants and select a few young people to participate in our missionary intern program. These participants travel to the country of their choice for a 2-year missions experience that is sure to change their lives. They raise support, go to their field of ministry, and work as a missionary, all while receiving a discount toward finishing their degree through Liberty University or Baptist Bible College’s distance learning program. To qualify for this program, you must have first completed the 2-year program at the Word of Life Bible Institute. If you are a current student or have completed the Bible Institute in the past, we would welcome your application.


Launch could be just what you are looking for
The Launch program is designed to put you on the mission field, whatever your situation might be. We have identified key areas around the world that desperately need short term missionary help, and we want you to fill one of those needs. Lengths of service can range from 1 or 2 months to 2 years. You choose which opportunity and time frame is right for you. We’ll help you get there. Students, adults, families and retirees have preached, taught, built buildings, run programs, cooked, cleaned, and designed websites- all just a few examples of the hundreds of ways Launch has helped normal people use their skills for God’s glory on the mission field. So, are you interested in missions but not sure how your abilities can be used? Do you have some time that you would like to devote to missions work? Are you interested in (but still unsure about) full-time missions? Launch could be just what you are looking for. For more information, please email Wendy Williamson at wendywilliamson@wol.org

Teach English in Asia

SYME - English for Life
SYME (English for Life, see www.wolsyme.com) is an English-only discipleship training school for young adults taught by native English speakers. SYME trains students to become fluent in English so that they are able to study oversees in universities, while at the same time using their desire to speak English as an opportunity to reach them with the Gospel. Serving at SYME requires a 2-3 month commitment, and the training/experience to lead small groups of 8-12 Asian students in English and discipleship courses. Whether you are a college graduate looking for an opportunity to serve overseas, a family in the middle of a career change or recently retired and looking for a way to invest your past experiences, we invite you to join us in one of our three locations: South Korea, Taiwan or Japan! For more information, please email Wendy Williamson at wendywilliamson@wol.org
Work Trips

Work Trips

Use your skills and talents to glorify Jesus!
Each of us has a God-given ability, and Word of Life would love to partner with you, so you can use your abilities to minister around the world in a practical way! At one point or another, all of our fields and facilities need to be updated (or even built from the ground up!) and we would like to invite you to take your knowledge and skills overseas with us to accomplish these necessary goals. Maybe you are not trained in a specific trade, but you like to paint, or just lend a hand wherever needed? Come along for the ride! We can always use more people on our team who are willing to serve the Lord “behind the scenes” on one of our fields. For more information, please email Ron Morton at ronmorton@wol.org

Career Missions

Become a full-time missionary!
The core of our missionary team is made up of long-term missionaries. These missionaries commit to move overseas, learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and serve together with others to reach youth with the Gospel of Christ. Word of Life teams around the world are ministering though camps, Bible clubs, drama tours, Bible Institutes, and more. We are seeking pastors, teachers, camp leaders, administrators, builders, evangelists, office and operational staff, and others. Do you sense God leading you or your family overseas to join a team? Contact us to learn how use can use your gifts to serve with us.
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Missions Opportunities

Where would God have you serve?