The Breaking Point

Even from a very early age, Lauren continuously spiraled downward as poor decisions and bad choices rocked her young life.

First Days In The Ruins Of Pedernales

Nearly the entire city of Pedernales has been destroyed by the earthquake.

How Quiet Time Transformed One Church’s Student Ministry

This letter was sent to us by a student pastor who recently started using Word of Life’s curriculum, including Quiet Time. It is incredible the way God reveals Himself when we give students the tools they need to pursue Him.

A New View of Grace

Matt thought that "walking the walk, and talking the talk" was how you became a good Christian. In effect, he proclaimed that one was saved by grace through faith, but his actions were deeply rooted in a mindset of gaining God's favor. When he attended first year at the Bible Institute, something amazing started to happen.

Releasing the Fear of Man

For Cheri, attending the Bible Institute in Florida was supposed to reveal her life's calling and help her pursue her passion of teaching children. What she got instead were panic attacks from social anxiety and a year of struggling socially before God stepped into her life in a powerful way.

A Leap Ahead

For Zach, a new believer volunteering as a youth leader, the Scriptures were a dark well that were impossible for him to draw from. "Every time I opened [the Bible], it was like - I don't know what I'm doing." Find out how the Bible Institute helped Zach get the Bible "on demand" in his life.

From Cocaine Alley To A Different High

Word of Life was a bit of a culture shock for Hannah who explains how God rescued her from her past and how attending the Bible Institute has pushed her to make a massive leap of faith towards her heavenly Father.

The Ugandan Gospel Rhythm

She’ll introduce herself as Jackie Kibalama, but she’s known by another identity – Sister Shine AKA JK Shine, Gospel Reggae artist. Her music is mostly heard on the Ugandan radio and she’s been described as “one of the freshest, cleanest, super talented, female Reggae sensations on the Gospel music scene in Uganda.”

Not By Chance – One Student’s Life Forever Changed At Camp

Joseph is a teen from north Georgia who came to Word of Life Camp in Florida with a church youth group he’d just met. He left having accepted Christ as his savior, and with a strong conviction that his attendance at camp was not by chance, but a divine appointment.