The challenge of maintaining the facilities and serving the guests entrusted to Word of Life by the Lord is tremendous. The opportunities for making a significant difference in the quality of our service and our facilities are ongoing. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that you can be a part of reaching young people for Christ by using the gifts, talents, and abilities the Lord has given you.

Volunteers help make a considerable difference in the Word of Life operations. The fellowship and spiritual benefits are life changing. Housing and meals are provided at no charge to those volunteering on Word of Life New York property.

What kinds of help do we need?

Housekeeping, grounds keeping, dining room servers, kitchen workers, HVAC, special building projects, clerical/office/admin, winterizing buildings, general maintenance, masonry & concrete, first aid/nurse, general labor, mechanical, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing and more…

Memorial Day and Columbus Day Weekend Work Retreat

Both of these Weekend Work Retreats are free to all volunteers! Memorial Day Weekend teams will be working to get The Bible Institute, The Island, The Ranch and Wild, The Lodge, and The Pines prepared for the summer. The Columbus Day Weekend team will be working to close the Lewis Lodge, picnic area, playground, meeting house, and campsites at The Pines. Spaces fill up fast on a first-come, first-served basis so register now .

National Volunteer Program Opportunities

Whether it’s for a weekend or a full week or longer we would love to have you join us for any of these exciting opportunities. No group is too small or too large, and we will find opportunities that match the capabilities and skill sets of your group.


Projects and preparing our properties for the Summer camping season.


Upgrading our facilities at the Bible Institute.


Starting our Capital Projects.


Upgrading our facilities at The Lodge.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Full-Time Summer Opportunities

Word of Life utilizes teens and college age individuals, as well as some teachers and retirees each summer to accomplish a myriad of service-related tasks. We also have a great need for registered nurses to work at our camp properties. Enjoy the adventure of summer camp, fellowship and discipleship with your peers and Word of Life’s trained staff. Come with a servant’s heart and your life will never be  the same.

Affordable Youth Missions Trip

Are you looking for an affordable way to take your youth group to a new level? For $200/participant* your teens can experience it all: 2-3 days working at Word of Life New York in a maintenance ministry setting, 2-3 days of Open Air Evangelism in a metropolitan setting such as New York City, and much more. We can customize your trip to accomplish any objectives you may have for your youth group. Your only other expenses are transportation and meals before arrival and after departure from Word of Life.
* The $200/participant covers the cost of transportation, meals and housing in New York City.  There is no cost for meals and housing at the Bible Institute.

Looking to serve in a different way?

Word of Life ministry receives many generous donations throughout the year. In addition to financial contributions to special projects, numerous partners have donated vehicles, heavy duty equipment, and building supplies to help enhance the operation of the ministry. Below is a list of the current needs.
  • Mini-Van for transporting Bible Institute students to their weekend ministry opportunities – Mechanically sound, little to no rust.
  • Cars for the transportation of guest speakers – Mechanically sound, little to no rust.
  • Cargo vans for our maintenance staff – Mechanically sound, little to no rust.
  • Covered trailers for various traveling ministries.
  • Large commercial zero-turn lawn mower.
  • Garage tools – Large and small.
  • Canoes/rowboats/kayaks for The Pines.

All donors will be issued a tax-deductible letter with the understanding that all donations will be distributed to various properties at the discretion of Word of Life.

For those donating items the following information is needed:


  • Donor’s name, address, contact information and business tax number.
  • Description – name, model number, condition – and estimated value of the item.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions or have information regarding making a donation that fits the criteria above.

Contact Us for More Information

You can participate in bringing powerful life change to students and families.